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摘要: This guide is provided of charge and is for use outside the UK only 此说明提供并只适用于英国境外地区 You should read this information guide to help you decide which documents will be useful in supp ...

This guide is provided of charge and is for use outside the UK only



You should read this information guide to help you decide which documents will be useful in supporting the statements that you have made on your visa application form (VAF).



It is not a list of documents that you must submit. We do not expect you to provide all of the documents listed below, it is for you to decide which documents are most relevant to your application.



The submission of all or any of these documents does not guarantee that your application will be successful.



Information about you 个人信息


•These documents are important because they provide information about your personal circumstances in the country in which you are applying.



•A current and valid travel document or passport:



We will not issue a visa if you do not have a valid passport or travel document to put the visa in.



•One passport sized colour photograph:



This must comply with the requirements in our photo guidance



•Evidence of your permission to be in the country where you are applying, if you are not a national of that country:



This could be a residence permit, ‘green card’ or valid visa showing your current immigration status.


•Previous passports:


These are to show your previous travel history



•Evidence of your marital status:



This could include a marriage certificate, a civil partnership certificate, a divorce certificate or a death certificate



•Evidence of your current employment or studies



This could include: 此类文件包括:

•a letter from your employer on company headed paper – detailing your salary and the length of your employment, confirm that you have been given time off work, and stating whether this time off is paid or unpaid. You should consider submitting further documents which could support an employment letter, such as, pay slips or tax returns. If you have recently entered new employment you should consider providing details of your previous employment and salary history.


•a letter from your education provider on headed paper – confirming your enrolment and leave of absence


•business registration documents confirming the business owner’s name and the date when the business started trading



Information about your finances and employment 您的资金及工作信息


You can submit any of the following financial documents. You should consider including evidence of your total monthly income from all sources, for example employment, friends, family, personal savings or property. This will help us assess your circumstances in your own country and will provide us with evidence of how your trip is to be funded. You should consider providing this information even if someone else is paying for your trip.



- If someone else is paying for your trip then they should consider providing the same information about their finances and employment.



- If you are providing documents from a joint account you should explain who the other account holders are, and why you have permission to spend money from the account



- If your spouse or partner is employed then the Entry Clearance Officer would also like to see evidence of their employment and financial details.



Bank statements or bank books 银行对账单或存折


Showing what has been paid in and out of an account for up to the previous six months, and naming the account holder. If you have made deposits in your account that are not in keeping with the account history then you may wish to explain the origins and timing of these deposits.




Bank letter or balance certificate 银行存款或余额证明


Showing the account balance, the account holder’s name and the date when the account was opened. If you provide this document you should consider providing additional documents to show the origins of the money in your account.




Payslips 工资单


Covering up to the previous six months. If your salary is paid directly into your bank account, you consider providing the statements showing these payments






Tax returns (business or personal) 税单(企业或个人)


You could include recent documents from your government tax office, confirming your income and the amount of tax that you have paid



Business bank account statements 企业银行账户对账单


If you include these you may wish to explain why you are allowed to spend the money from a business account if you are on a private visit



Evidence of income from property or land 来自于房产或土地的收入


This could include property deeds, mortgage statements, tenancy agreements, accountant’s letters, land registration documents or crop receipts. If the property or land is registered in several names, you may wish to explain how much you own. If the money earned from the land is shared, you may wish to say how it is divided





Accommodation and travel details 住宿及旅行具体安排


You may wish to submit any of the following documents to help show us your accommodation and travel arrangements in the UK and on which date you intend to leave the UK. We advise that you do not make any payments for accommodation, travel and so on until you have received your visa.



Details of accommodation and return travel bookings 住宿及往返旅行预定的具体信息


This could be: 此类文件包括:


•hotel booking confirmation (usually email)



•travel booking confirmation (can be email or copy of tickets)



•travel agent confirmation of both



•accommodation details with a supporting letter from the occupant confirming that you are able to stay there



Information about your visit to the UK 您访问英国的信息


Depending on the reason for your visit, you may need to provide some of the following documents to help to show us what you plan to do while you are in the UK.



In some locations you can only apply by making an online application. You should check on our supported countries page to see if you have to or if you are able to make an online application. If you make an online application you must also print it off and submit with your supporting documents



General Visitor / Tourist 普通访问者/旅游者


Completed visa application form



If your country does not support online applications you must complete and submit a VAF1A.



A planned itinerary, if you have one



This could include: 此类文件包括:

•bookings or tickets for any excursions, trips and outings



•email conversations about any excursions, trips and outings



•travel agent bookings



•Supporting letter(s) from your friend or sponsor in the UK



If you are visiting a friend you may wish to include a letter of invitation from them as well as their financial documents, as outlined in the finances and employment section above.

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